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Treehouse Media creates high-quality documentaries about your loved one for your family to treasure and share. Our professional team skilfully captures your parent's or grandparent's most treasured life stories through recorded interviews. We sculpt these, along with family photos and especially written music into a compelling celebration of your loved one's life. The final video is a cherished keep safe for the family to share with generations to come!

How it works

1. Contact us
Tell us about your loved one and we can arrange a date for a pre-interview meeting.


4. Edit
We edit your loved one's most compelling memories into an engaging narrative with family photos and an especially written music score. 


2. Pre-interview chat
We meet and talk about your loved one's life, we look at family photos together and decide on a way forward. 


5. Post-edit chat
We show you the completed edit and give you the opportunity to request changes.


3. Interview
We film your loved one where they feel most comfortable. We come along with thoughtful questions based on our pre-interview chat.


6. The finished film
We deliver to you on a USB and digitally via an online link to easily share with family and friends. 

Treehouse Media Director, Kaye Harrison has over 25 years experience as a professional filmmaker creating documentaries for television broadcast and theatrical release. She has highly developed directing, camera and editing skills which culminate in high quality storytelling and the delivery of a professional product. Kaye is committed to honouring the subjects of her films by capturing their stories with compassion and respect. Indeed Treehouse Media believe the process of making the documentary is just as important as the end product. It is our hope that the making of a legacy documentary with Treehouse Media will be a cathartic and life affirming experience for everyone involved.


Life Story - $2800

Shared story - $3500

20-min legacy film about your loved one.

Pre-interview chat and look through photos,

duration: 2 hours


Filming interview duration: 2 hours

Duration of final film: 20 minutes

Delivered on 2 USB's and via a digital online link​.

30-min legacy film about a cherished couple 

Pre-interview chat and look through photos,

duration: 3 hours


Filming interview duration: 2 hours each person

Duration of final film: 30 minutes

Delivered on 2 USB's and via a digital online link​.

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