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About Treehouse Media

Treehouse Media is a boutique video production business that is committed to capturing the authentic human story. Drawing upon 25 years of professional storytelling expertise, our productions are engaging and impactful as they connect with the humanity of the target audience.

We create powerful long form documentaries for television broadcast and for use as teaching resources by educational institutions and community organisations. Working with charities and the not-for-profit sector, we create engaging short content for training, advocacy, fundraising and internal communications. We also create video content for documentary impact campaigns and work with emerging and established artists to capture and convey their creative expressions. Our story telling techniques extend to content for marketing and publicity via the various digital platforms and social media.

Kaye Harrison - Director of Treehouse Media
Kaye is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker with over 25 years of professional experience creating productions for television broadcast, film festivals and educational distribution. Some of her credits include Music Central (2023), Sanctuary (2019), The Troublesome Priest (2017),  The Sunnyboy (2013), The Long Goodbye (2010) and Crossing The Line (2005).

Renowned for a “lightness of touch” in her story telling, Kaye is passionate about capturing authentic human stories whilst maintaining a high degree of care and integrity throughout the production process. An accomplished director, cinematographer and editor, Kaye is excited to dedicate her expertise to the broad slate of Treehouse Media productions.

For more information on Kaye Harrison's productions prior to Treehouse Media, please click here.

What we do

including charities, NGO's, local councils, the Department of Health, the Department of Education
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