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Treehouse Media helps amplify the impact of social issue documentaries by creating rich and relevant content for education and outreach campaigns. Working closely with Documentary Filmmakers and Impact Producers, Treehouse Media captures content such as interviews with experts on the relevant social issue, insights and reflections from cast and crew as well as observational footage of the documentary in production. The nature of the content will be determined by the objectives of the filmmakers for their impact campaign and/or promotion of the documentary.  In addition to filming the required footage, Treehouse Media edits and packages the content according to the filmmakers needs and platform of distribution. Some examples could include a suite of videos for a documentary press kit, content for professional development/education modules and short video content for promotion via social media. Drawing on 25 years of expertise working on social issue documentaries, Treehouse Media is well equipped and passionate about supporting independent documentary filmmakers as they encourage empathy, raise awareness, and inspire action via social change initiatives.

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